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Your support – however big or small – could make a huge difference to the work of Outside In and, more importantly, the lives of the artists it supports.

Here’s how your support could make a difference

Photograph of an artist at a support day
Artists can get one-to-one support to learn new skills and create their own online galleries
  • £20 would pay for artists’ materials for the Step Up Exploring Collections (link – open in new window) course
  • £50 would pay for a course participant’s travel and subsistence for a course day
  • £150* funds an Artist Support Day (link – open in new window) providing one-to-one support
  • £600* pays for a Share Art event (link open in new window) bring together 12 artists to share their stories and inspiration
  • £1,300 would pay for a participant to take part in the Step Up Exploring Collections course
  • £5,000 would pay for the cost of running the ten week Step Up Leading Workshops course

Make a donation

If you would like to donate a gift in kind, such as a work of art, rather than a financial donation, a member of the Outside In would love to discuss this with you. Please contact 07756837050 or email

Every donation makes a huge difference. Thank you