Make a difference

Without Outside In I would not be here today. It literally saved my life.

Outside In artist

Discover how you can help to change artists’ lives

Outside In is a catalyst for change.

For the last decade it has worked to provide a platform for artists who face significant barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation. In doing so it has saved, changed and improved numerous lives. Now the national charity is working to expand its reach by creating regional hubs across the country meaning there couldn’t be a better time to be involved in the Outside In story.

“I have the highest hopes that the charity will go from strength to strength, fulfilling its role of assisting artists facing barriers and informing the wider public of the extraordinary talents some of these creators possess.

My background was entirely business focused – this charity has engaged me in a way which broadens my horizons and understanding. It is an important part of my life.”

Outside In super patron

Funding is vital to achieve these goals and to reach as many people as possible.

By supporting Outside In, you will help to:

  • Enable artist outreach – Through one-to-one guidance at Artist Support Days and building regional hubs to provide help where it is most needed
  • Create opportunities – For artists to be seen and heard, from showcasing work at exhibitions to taking up roles in the art world following Outside In’s professional development training
  • Nurture and develop talent – Thanks to bursary funding, confidence building and tailored support
  • Help build inclusion – By ensuring a wider range of voices are heard by arts organisations and the art world is made a fairer and more equitable place 

“The wide-reaching, often life changing and inspiring work of ‘Outside In’ is precisely what the Arts Council should be supporting and promoting.”

Hedley Swain, Arts Council England South East area director