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Becoming an Outside In artist is free and easy, here’s how:

  1.    Tell us more about you  
    The ‘tell us about you’ section helps Outside In access whether you meet our criteria for support and tailor our work to meet your needs. All the information provided here is kept confidential.
  2.    Create your own online gallery  
    Creating your gallery involves uploading images of your art and providing a description of it. The description is very important, and exciting, as it means that people will be able to find your work easier. This is done by giving each artwork ‘tags’ or ‘labels’ which people can use to search with.
  3.    Publish your online gallery so everyone can visit it  
    When you are ready for your new online gallery to be created, simply press ‘Publish’ and our team will do the rest. Once this is published you will then be sent a weblink to your new gallery which you can view, edit and share. Now you are an Outside In artist!

Being an Outside In artist brings lots of opportunities, including exhibitions, training and artist’s support.

If you already have a gallery on Outside In’s old website, please go to the page for existing artists.

More information

Outside In helps artists who face significant barriers to the art world, this could be due to disability, health, social circumstance or isolation.

There is support throughout this sign up process. After the first section has been completed, your answers are automatically saved and you can come back to the process whenever you like.

If you would like the sign up form in a different format, or have any queries, please contact or call 07903 028270.

If you are in the Midlands, please contact
or call 07496 997 333.

This process can also be used if you are signing up on someone else’s behalf.

Outside In also runs Artist Support Days. If you would like one-to-one assistance to create your online gallery, please contact Jose or Hannah (details above).

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