Exploring the Outside In galleries with… Sabine Kaner

Artist Sabine Kaner , whose work ‘Unity’ features in Outside In’s Unlocked virtual exhibition, is the latest to explore the artist galleries.

She said: “I have put together  a gallery of ten artists, that use various forms of stitch, embroidery and textiles in their work. The images speak to me both visually and through the artists narrative.”

The selection

  1. Andrea Mindel
    Another one for sorrow.

    The artist has created two pictures in this series using traditional crewel work, which focuses on the tree of life as the central image. The title of the work really drew me in as well. The stitching strongly contrasts with the plain background of the canvas giving the viewer the opportunity to focus on the stitching and subject matter. The liver cell surrounding the tree really resonated with my own experience and reminded me of my daughter who was diagnosed with liver cancer at the beginning of lockdown last year. The artist has produced two beautiful and thought provoking pieces of work.
  2. Pauline bailey

    I really liked this piece of work. The colours and layers of fabric, the shimmering gold stitching and abstract shapes dispersed across the fabric. The transparent layers left around the edges.
    The artist in her statement talks about many issues that I try to address in my own work, those around heritage, identity, sense of place, health and well being.
  3. Norma Benham ,
    Cylinder head

    This is such an amazing 3-dimensional tactile piece, it is a feast for the eyes. There is so much to look at all at once. The softness of the fabrics contrasting with the buttons and reels of threads, against a simple stitched background. I love the recycling element of the work and the personal story behind it. This resonates with my own practise.
  4. Louisa Hammond
    One to be taken DAILY

    The intricate needle lace and the way it is sewn into the foil sheet with the cotton yarn, producing fine and delicate patterns. The artist talks about the daily taking of medication. This piece is very thoughtful and beautiful, but also poignant for those of us whose life decisions are controlled by medication every day.
  5. Tania Symonds

    I find this piece so up lifting . The colours and the textures. The eyes move across the piece settling on different parts of the collage, weaving in and out of the different layers of texture and fabric type. The extra embellishments give it a 3 dimensional feel. The artist talks about the piece representing the hard work of sewing. Which I would agree with!!
  6. Cecilia Montague,
    Embroidery 3

    The artist has produced a series of three embroideries. All of the three embroideries are filled with an abundance of colour pattern and shapes. I have decided to focus on the third piece.
    I love the middle area of stitching with its harlequin design, giving the piece a three -dimensional feel. This area is flanked by colours that divide the work to create distinct parts, one that seems to step back and one forward. The lovely design of the stitching gives a flow to the piece. It is a very joyful and uplifting embroidery
  1. Annika Malmqvist

    I love the intuitive nature of the this piece of work. The colours and stitches that intertwine and move across the fabric, it feels like a happy piece of work. The artist has called it Baptism, perhaps this refers to new beginnings.
  2. EJD
    The Heart of some place.

    I really like the way the artist has drawn the images with stitches. The piece has a mystical feel to it. The background helps to soften and interpret the image, although it feels like both are intertwined, which echoes the holding of hands. The artist talks about loneliness something that resonates with my own life experiences.
  1. Ingrid
    Palme d’Or

    The textile piece by this artist has such a gentle flow with its choice of colours and also the stitched lines. It is hand painted on silk paper. The gold stitches contrast so well with the soft colours in the background. The artist talks about how her journey started with upholstery. This reminds me of my own journey into textiles. It is a truly beautiful piece of work.
  2. Aradne
    Spirit Tree

    This piece of work is mesmerising there are so many things to catch the eye. The work is very intense and intricate. The images are outlined with black which gives them a drawn feel. The work reminds me of lace. I love the way the tree centres in the middle , which gives way to branches that hold on to the other figures. The work feels very intuitive, and has a dreamy quality to it.

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