Exploring the Outside In galleries with… Emma Louvelle

Outside In artist Emma Louvelle has delved into the artists’ online galleries and brought together this collection of works all inspired by the theme ‘About the body’.

The inspiration

So, I thought for a very long time about what to write about this selection of art around the theme of ‘About the Body’. And by long… I mean a very long time. I knew that I was in love with every work in the collection and that I could have easily added a bevy of other works. That my selection and theme were no doubt influenced by the current global pandemic…how could they not be. But despite these acknowledgements I struggled to find the right words to convey intelligent and insightful comments about this incredible art. I wrote and rewrote numerous times my thoughts, but never once did I feel truly, they conveyed what I wanted to say. It was in the middle of the night when I woke up and found the clarity I had been trying to seek; my words were not needed. Outside In is unique, a rare space where artists can just create, share their art and be just their utterly wonderful unique selves without justification for their work nor presence. In an art landscape so littered with the need to explain, sell, market and justify, encompassing one’s actions, selection and participation, as an individual, as an artist and on behalf of one’s artwork it is an oasis of freedom. All that I needed to do was say look at this art and the art would do the rest.

The selection

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