Exploring the Outside In galleries with… Cara Macwilliam

Cara said: “Whilst selecting my choices I made a conscious decision to not choose artists I personally know. So that was my first curatorial choice, the second one was not to go with a theme but to spend time meandering through all the galleries, to get to know more artists generally. The discovery was rich and such a pleasure. The pieces I’ve chosen are varied and are linked by how they touched me either through joy, my own lived experience or made me stop and think.”

The selection

Botanical Beck Life Drawing By Sally Hirst.
I can’t get enough of Sally’s work, she has such breadth of practice and each piece embodies a very special quality. This painting is a litte piece of perfection, it’s joyful, considered, full of texture and life. It brings such good energy to our earth.

Untitled By Lasmin Salmon.
I spent a long time in Lasmin’s gallery working out which piece to choose. This one has such great compostion, flow and colour. And sits in perfect comfort among the other works chosen. Plus, it makes me so bloomin’ happy!

Detail of Drawing By Roland Young
Yup, we’re all about the joy sparkers still. How can this do anything but make you smile inside and out. Roland has beautifully encapsulated a human that I’d love to encounter and know.

Isolation By Fae Kilburn
This work by Fae touched me deeply having personally dealt with a lot of isolation. I can feel the rawness, that visceral core, and the distance from society. It makes me want to reach out and say ‘I’m here.’

Kankesanthurai Cement Factory By WendyManel.
Wendy explores what it means to be mixed race, describing how she feels her way through her practice. There’s such a delicacy to her touch and this whole series communicates to each other as well as each piece standing boldly alone.

Subversion and Silhouette By Melody Uyanga Ramsay.
The look we are visited by here says everything Melody wants to communicate to us and strikes to my core. Go to Melody’s gallery and see what it is saying. It’s worth the visit.

Ego vs Shadow By Lesego Seoketsa.
Lesego’s depiction of the relationship we have with our bodies is bold. The strength of the lines say ‘I’m here, as I am.’ In contrast to the collaged heads reflecting those constantly shifting perceptions with have with ourselves.

Life that is forgotten By Aziz Anzabi
This work arrests me, makes me question with much intrigue the contemporary period and the past, yet it feels as though the two time references sit in tandem. I also reflected a lot on a deeply personal level whilst being with it and I think that lies in the strength of this piece.

Les harmonies salvatrices By Dave Mutnjakovic .
An amazing explosion of colour and creativity. Having a trauma-informed practice I immediately connected to this piece even before I’d read Dave’s own description. There are so many layers, there is the disconnect of dissociation but with the overlay of the wide variety of realities and unrealities we walk through.

Abstract Formation By Ronald Burkett.
I love this mind-tripping abstraction, being able to intimately understand that way of working and using creativity through illness. This encapsulates human inner strength in the face of adversity.

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  1. Hannah Whitlock

    Love this selection Cara and great insights into your selection. thanks for sharing with us.

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