Worth Fighting For? Past

Outside In artists at Salisbury Arts Centre

19 November – 19 December 2015

Outside In is very pleased to announce its collaboration with Salisbury Arts Centre on a new exhibition entitled Worth Fighting For? The show offers an opportunity to debate and discuss the things we hold dear, and to think about our rights and responsibilities. What are we prepared to defend and what are we prepared to fight for?

The artists in the exhibition were selected from an open call out, and their art will be displayed alongside work by local Outside In artist and Ambassador Brian Gibson. 

Brian took part in Outside In’s Step Up training programme, and has since helped run a number of workshops and exhibited three of his works at the Museum of Somerset in Taunton.

Brian’s first experience of creativity came with his love of photography and music whilst he was growing up in Newcastle. He eventually joined a band, not as an intentional career move, but because creativity had become an essential part of his life, although being or becoming an artist was far from his mind at this point.

After moving to Swindon, he found his creative side burgeoned. He began exhibiting his visual work, which led him to return to college and study Graphic Design followed by Fine Art and Visual Culture. He is fascinated with the idea of what it is to be an artist, having faced both external and internal barriers with his own creativity. He says: “In being creative, people are able to express themselves and that’s good. But what I consider to be equally important is that people’s art work should become visible to a wider public and valued.”

The series he has created for ‘Worth Fighting For?’ is entitled ‘Lieder’, German for ‘Art Songs.’ ‘Lieder’ is also a development from the ‘Sturm and Drang’ movement that proceeded Romanticism. He says of this connection: “I think that there are parallels in that Sturm and Drang was seen as a rebellion to the formal constraints of what culture was meant to be at the time.” The DIY punk ethic is something Brian values, and he is very much interested in the relationship between photography, mark making and painting.

He says of his work in the show: “All of the images use song titles, some direct in that they reference songs by the bands in the original image, or indirect, where there is a synthesis between the title and the image. A lot of my own work involves working with material that has a history of its own prior to it becoming a work of art. I often make use of old family photographs as they are tangible and meaningful.” 

Worth Fighting For? exhibition photos