Join Us for a Friendship and Community Creative Workshop –Tuesday 29 September at 6pm


Tuesday 29 September 2020

Join Outside In artist Lorna-Belle Harty for a creative workshop that will reflect on friendship and community during the Lockdown period. The workshop will make use of everyday materials, making it easy to join in from home, and will focus on positive quote and hand lettering art.  You can click here to register to join the workshop on Zoom on Tuesday 29 September from 6pm.

Lorna-Belle explains here about the inspiration for the workshop:

“Especially during the beginnings of lock down, living on my own, I personally found the isolation very difficult.  It was easy to withdraw further into my own bubble; my only contact with the outside world through my daily constitutional walks, avoiding crossing paths with as many people as possible.  It was during these walks though that I came across little positive messages tied to lampposts, chalk murals on pavements, and the painted rainbows produced by children proudly displayed in the front windows of people’s homes, providing beacons of hope in strange and scary times. 

“These new finds became the highlight of my day!  It broke down monotony that life in lock down quickly became and made me feel more connected with others and my community.  It made me realise that my artwork, and more specifically, the positive quote art and hand lettering I had recently got into, could become a way for me to connect with others at this time.  So, I soon set out with my laminated pieces of artwork, tying them to lamp posts, trees, and other focal features of my local area.  Sometimes I stood back and watched later on as these small messages of hope and positivity brought smiles to other people’s faces in the same way they did to mine. “

Friendship and Community is also the theme of the first exhibition in our Virtual Gallery, curated by Frances Christie, and you can find out more and view the exhibition here