Creative drop in – Create-Click-Connect


Tuesday 17 November 2020

Image: Eva Marschan-Hayes, Organics Image 1

With advice from our Artists Advisory Group, we will be starting a series of Creative Drop In Sessions for Outside In artists, which will be taking place online throughout autumn. These sessions will offer a chance for artists to get together and enjoy some creativity, with a number of creative workshops planned.

Each session will be delivered by a Step Up: Leading Workshops trained artist and will offer a unique creative starting point. The sessions are all free and open to all! 

On Tuesday 17 November, from 2pm until 3.30pm, Eva Marschan-Hayes will be leading Create-Click-Connect which will use nature to create a unique collage.
Materials you will need: A4 paper (white or coloured), natural materials (for example feathers, shells, stones, bark, petals, leaves, peas, fruit, etc).

Some further info from Eva on the structure of the workshop, what you will make and what you will need:

Based on techniques I employ as a photo artist, this workshop teaches participants to combine mindful collage-making with natural materials and digital methods to create an image which can be shared online and/or printed.

What you need:

A comfortable seat in an undisturbed space, A4 paper, white or coloured and a range of natural collage making materials of your choice.

You may, for instance, want to include things from your kitchen, such as different coloured spices, dried herbs, anis stars, rice, red and/or brown, lentils & cut fruits or vegetables. And/or materials collected outdoors such as leaves, fresh flower petals, twigs, feathers and flat stones.

Additionally, you could use any drawing or painting materials of your choice. I personally find that pastels work well for added texture.

You do not need to use any kind of glue.   

You will need a phone or tablet to take a photo with.

Structure of the workshop:

At the introduction stage we will all introduce ourselves and briefly talk about what we want to get out of the session. I will then briefly introduce my work & methods and show participants images I have created as digital & printed examples. (10 minutes)

The session starts with a light relaxation exercise. (5 minutes) When participants are feeling ready, they can start their collage on the A4 piece of paper. During the process of creation, participants are encouraged to focus on the sensory experiences when using the materials, they are working with. How do they smell? How does it feel to touch them? (50 minutes)

When your collage is ready – take a picture. It is optional to digitally enhance or modify your image either during the session or in your own time. For beginners I recommend: Adobe Photoshop Express which is fun and free

In the final part, we will come together and everyone will have a chance to share their work and talk about their experience creating it. (25 minutes)

For those who drop in later:

Get into a relaxed position & try to think about a happy memory. Connect with the feeling or the image that comes to mind and start your collage. You can also ask me any question if needed.

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