Outside In artists

Already an Outside In artist?

If you already had a gallery on the old Outside In website, here’s how to start editing your gallery on the new site.

  1.    If you’re coming from the old site, get a new password  
    For security reasons, we can’t copy over passwords from the old site, but a link to a page where you can set a new password will be emailed to you
  2.    Update your details  
    Make sure your information that you’ve given us is up to date, there are some new things we’re asking too.
  3.    Edit your images and add new ones  
    Go to your gallery, where you’ll be able to add new images and edit the old ones. You can now tag and describe your work better so that it’s easier for people to find your art.

If you would like assistance, please call 01273 381311 or email Hannah.Whitlock@OutsideIn.org.uk

Read our guide for existing Outside In artists