#shareartonline – A New Normal – Lockdown performance by Bibo Keeley

Bibo has shared with us a powerful piece of performance art/video entitled ‘A New Normal’. This is her personal response to the Corona epidemic, and ‘the current times which are categorised by loss, shortage and sacrifices.’ Please watch in real time and with sound.

What are you working on in lockdown?  We would love to see examples of works in progress or completed works in all mediums, and to hear your ideas. You can post online using the hashtag #shareartonline or send to Matt at matthew.forbes-dale@outsidein.org.uk

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  1. Katya Solyanko

    Brilliant action!

    Well made.

    How long have you had such long hair?

    Everything grows back

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  2. Karen Tipson

    You look stunning with your new hairstyle . Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon xx

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