Selectors Announced For “Look Closer, Think Bigger”

The selectors for “Look Closer, Think Bigger”, Outside In’s forthcoming exhibition with Fabrica gallery, Brighton, have been announced. These include London-based American artist and curator Jeff McMillan and artist and Transition Gallery Director Cathy Lomax. They will be joined by two Outside In artists, Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings and Corinne, further to an open call to artists asking if they would like to be involved in the selection process,  in addition to Fabrica director Liz Whithead and Exhibitions Programme Manager Cornelia Marland.

The exhibition will explore extremes of scale by creating small intimate spaces to display miniature work, contrasted with large artworks that resonate with Fabrica’s unique setting, a former Regency church in the heart of Brighton. Due to the impact of the Coronavirus the decision has been made to postpone the exhibition till October 2021. Since the selection process takes place individually and online, submissions are still welcome and will be sent to the judging panel on 25th May. The two selected artists will be announced in June 2020.

Artist Jeff McMillan comments: “I am really looking forward to seeing the work of Outside In artists. I have long thought some of the most interesting art comes not from the mainstream but from artists we don’t know enough about yet. It is a privilege to get to see new and intriguing works and I hope to be enlightened.’

“At Transition Gallery I have been keen to show artists from a wide mix of backgrounds without prejudice about artistic training or experience,” says Cathy Lomax. “What I am looking for as a judge for Outside In is what I look for in all artwork, that is my own emotional connection to the work.”

Outside In artist Corinne states that she is honoured to be a selector and looks forward to seeing the work of Outside In’s “deeply-talented artists.” She adds: “As an Outside In artist, I also face barriers to the art world and understand how it can seem like a daunting place.”

Also honoured to be asked to be a selector, artist Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings comments: “I am really excited to see the artists and their life experience expressed in their creative work and to begin to understand their perspectives. I am a strong believer that the creator is an artist first and foremost but that diversity in creative work should be platformed and celebrated as equal. As a passionate advocate for diversity I am pleased to see the panel reflect this and to start interesting conversations with the artists about their work

Further details on how to submit artworks can be found here

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