Outside In Virtual Gallery: ‘Friendship And Community’ curated by Frances Christie

About this exhibition:

Gallery visits and private views may still be problematic, but Outside In is forging ahead with a series of exhibitions and events in a new virtual gallery, which you can view on this page.

Like many arts organisations, Outside In has been adapting its planned public events during Lockdown into new digital versions, which also has the advantage of providing more accessible exhibitions and events for those that cannot attend them physically. The Virtual Gallery will see a series of exhibitions through the year by guest curators who responded to a call-out.  The programme will begin with an exhibition on the theme of Friendship & Community curated by Sotheby’s Head of Modern and Post-War British Art and Outside In trustee, Frances Christie.

Friendship and Community curated by Frances Christie
“In these recent challenging days of social distancing and isolation, the theme of Friendship and Community seemed appropriate – these two things have never mattered more with people across the country coming together to provide support for each other. It is this kinship that is also at the heart of Outside In, providing support and uniting an incredibly vibrant community of artists. I really enjoyed searching the website for pictures that I felt encapsulated the theme and realised that as I was using the ‘search’ function with words such as ‘people’, ‘portrait’ and ‘community’, the results were both a snapshot of the wonderful community of Outside In but also the wider communities depicted by each of the artists, all united in cyberspace.”

About Frances:

Frances Christie joined Sotheby’s in 2002 and is Head of Modern & Post-War British Art at Sotheby’s in London. She has been deeply involved in the sale of all major collections of 20thCentury British Art at Sotheby’s in the last decade including: ‘A Life in Pictures: The Collection of Lord & Lady Attenborough’ in 2009; ‘The Evill/Frost Collection’ in 2011, which achieved the highest ever total for a sale of Modern British Art, ; ‘LOWRY: The A.J. Thompson Collection’ in 2014; ‘Daughter of History: Mary Soames and the Legacy of Churchill’ in 2014; ‘Bowie/Collector’ in 2016; ‘Vivien: The Vivien Leigh Collection’ in 2017 and ‘Howard Hodgkin: Portrait of the Artist’ in 2017. Frances graduated with a degree in History of Art from Trinity College, Cambridge, and completed a Master of Arts degree in Early 20th Century British and French Art at the Courtauld Institute, London. In 2015, Frances joined the BBC Antiques Roadshow team as a specialist in pictures and is a Trustee of Outside In. Frances also serves as an auctioneer.


Zoom Private View: Taking place on the 20 August from 6-7.30pm. This free event will give audiences a chance to hear from the Curator and some of the exhibiting artists and there will also be a chance for the audience to ask questions. You can register here.

Creative workshop run by Step Up trained artist: Taking place on Wednesday 9 September from 3-4pm. Bookings opening soon – watch this space.

*Please note, there are visual descriptions for each artwork that are in text form in the virtual gallery.

Meet the Artists and view the artworks selected

Alice Hayes Brighton’s glorious celebrated people past and present’
(Paint on fabric – Width: 125cm/ Height: 290cm) –
“This is a mash up! of Brighton’s celebrated people, a fusion of people past and present, dead or alive!”
Audio description
Katya Solyanko ‘Vanessa’
(Paint on paper, Width:82/ Height: 57)
“Many thoughts are going on in newly handicapped. Never enough useful affirmations. People around just don’t say it out. It has to be told!”
Audio description

Veronica WatsonSelf Portrait’
(Paint on paper, Width: 29cm / Height:42cm )
“I am interested in doing people’s portraits. I want to catch the faces and expressions, happy or sad. I use pencil on paper and smudge the shadows. When I draw people, I get to know them, even if I have never met them before.”
Audio description
Louis MorelMeet The Family ‘
(Digital Giclée Print – edition of 10 Width: 91/Height: 61)
“Due to suffering from severe sensory processing problems to the degree that I can’t leave the house without being in immense pain. It hurts like hell to go to any new places or see any new people so instead I go to new places and meet new people in my head and that’s where my drawings come from.”
Audio description
Audio description

Ivan Grieve ‘Platform’
(Oil on canvas – Width:50/ Height: 45)
“I became fascinated by crowds and commuters and wanted to convey the sense of pattern and natural order that chaos of people accidentally make.”
Audio description

Reece Loughran The Avengers with Superman’
(Mixed media on canvas/ 20cm x 30cm)
“I like to draw houses, buses, beaches, and people. I do this at home. I exhibited my art work at Project Ability in Scotland, and sold a piece of work. I like art, I like being with my friends and Dani and Sally. When people look at my art work I want them to feel good. I will miss art when I leave school.”

Audio description

Denise AdamsA Day at the Zoo’
(Pencil and paint on paper – Width:59cm/ Height:42cm)
“I like drawing and painting pictures especially flowers, animals and people. I get ideas from my own imagination and I work slowly, taking my time.”
Audio description

Chaz Waldron All Creatures Great and Small’
(Pen on paper/ 29cm x 42cm)
Audio description

Grant CombenPeople Waving from the top of Spinnaker Tower’
(Paint on paper – Height: 60cm/ Width: 40cm)
Audio description
Rowan Standing ‘Cybernary No.1’
(Pen on paper – 14 x 21cm)
“This Artwork is about various cyber beings that are forged from a special unique element and material known as enviromentiun.”
Audio description
Gareth Bunting ‘The Simulacrum Unfolds’
(Ink painting on paper – Width 150/ Height: 160)
“This piece depicts a dreamlike and fantastical virtual world. It investigates the impact of 21st century technology on the self and on modern culture, society and the environment. It is unclear whether this world is utopian or dystopian, but it ponders many questions. Where does this virtual world exist? What are the new possibilities and problems that come with it and how if indeed we can, will we deal with it?”

Audio description

Tanya Raabe-WebberArtStudio01-Our-Studio’
(Paint on canvas -Width: 40cm/ Height: 20cm)
“ArtStudio01 Our Studio is a portrait of our studio. we are an inclusive studio collective. we began as 1 and now there are 10!”
Audio description

The Laird of West Walworth ‘Piccadilly Circus’
(Watercolor paints, mounted on black card – 42cm x 59.5cm)
“A portrait of people at a London landmark. Hopefully the landmark is recognise able as Eros’s home in the West End of London. I am fascinated by this informal meeting place and the people it attracts. People resist sitting still long enough to be sketched so I clip a photograph and sketch them up back in the studio.”
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  1. shirley rutterford

    Thank you for such an excellent exhibition, it is so good that these artists are given a chance to be seen because sometimes they seem invisible to the wider world.

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  2. cara macwilliam

    What a wonderful selection. So varied, vibrant, colourful and intriguing too. Looking forward to more to come.

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