Artist Jess Levine shares her Outside In journey

Outside In artist, and newly trained ambassador, Jess Levine shares her experience with the charity.

Jess Levine Collage 2

Jess Levine is an abstract collage artist

My encounters with Outside In were in many ways a very happy accident, as I  found out about the possibility of uploading a gallery of images and an artist’s statement, quite by chance internet browsing.

This then opened the door to being the artist of the month, last July, which helped me make more solid connections with the charity, develop an online presence, participate in exhibitions, and to build social contacts with other artists and makers.

I was, and continue to be inspired by all that Outside In does to support, encourage and nurture artists, and knew that I too wanted to be involved.  Furthermore, by having internet access, I like to keep abreast of the various courses, schemes, events and initiatives delivered by Outside In.


Jess Levine presenting her artwork at Share Art, Fabrica Gallery, Brighton

Out of this, I decided to engage with two events last year – Share Art at Fabrica Gallery in Brighton and at Pallant House in Chichester.

These are very interesting, enriching, powerful, and for me profoundly moving, by having such a direct opportunity to both share the art work, present to a warm and supportive audience, and to listen to other artist’s stories, and their own personal journeys.

My story touches on art being literally a lifeline, in times of emotional struggle,  and fragile mental health. Art for me, has been a voice in the wilderness, a companion in isolation, a valuable focus to my day, and a loyal and honest friend. The process of making and sharing art, has also given me tools to manage the things I find difficult, for example reading and low self confidence about this. Therefore art is my language, where words at times fail me.

Ambassador training Jan 19 (1)

Jess Levine, second from right, at the ambassador training, January 2019

Inspired by the vision of Outside In, and the dedication of the staff, I was reading the newsletter and found out about the possibility of attending training to become an ambassador for Outside In, which I attended last month. This entails positively representing the charity at events and being a point of contact for people who may want to be involved.

I am hugely looking forward to taking on this role, and to continue the connections I have with Outside In, to grow and develop my full potential and to champion the positive role that Outside In can and do achieve.

I have found Outside In to be a truly magnificent organisation without exception, and I am unreservedly committed to giving something positive back to a charity who have had a huge lasting impact on my mental, emotional and creative health.

Thank you Outside In.


Click here to see Jess Levine’s Outside In gallery
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