Madge Gill: Inspiration showcase, part two

Outside In artists across the world were inspired by the latest co-commission with Pallant House Gallery. The opportunity called for responses to the work of renowned artist Madge Gill. Here you find the second of two showcases which celebrate some of the results and what Madge means to artists today.

Screengrab from ‘Rumours – A Current Circular Story’ by Tanya Raabe-Webber, which can be viewed below

Rumours – A Current Circular Story by Tanya Raabe Webber

The drawings of Madge Gill in effect spoke to me and said ‘try drawing like this’….. So I did and I am  very pleased by the results!

Ivan Stevens

I am inspired by Madge Gill how she enthusiastically worked to create great amounts of work.

Kaori Sogabe

Art has been a healer in times of trouble that is why I can feel in tune with Madge Gill as she is a very encouraging artist despite all the difficulties she has to endure it did not stop her from creating and expressing freely her soul.

Marisa Martinez

Madge is my sister, we artists know each other in the soul realm


Madge Gill represents a voice that needs to be heard, which stands for other people who may not have one.

Ammay Tye

What inspires me most about Madge Gill is her single mindedness and her absolute need to create above all else… To me looking at Madge Gill’s work is like looking into her soul.


Madge Gill’s remarkable tenacity and resilience in the face of some really difficult life experiences inspires me, best summed up I think in her handwritten postcard which reads “The clouds will burst, the sun will shine again”

Kate Rolison

She is the shining beacon of what is considered to be outsider / self taught art.

Tess Springall

To me She transcends the idea of self identity through her portraiture and her way of seeing her own world in this way means that we as viewers get a perspective of her world

Tanya Raabe-Webber

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