‘Look Closer, Think Bigger’ Artists Announced

Still from ‘Even Giants Have To Bend’ by Simon Le Boggit

We are delighted to announce that two artists have been selected for our forthcoming exhibition with Fabrica gallery in Brighton, ‘Look Closer, Think Bigger’.

The exhibition will explore extremes of scale within Fabrica’s unique Regency church setting and has been rescheduled, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, to take place in October 2021. The panel  of selectors, which included artist/curators Jeff McMillan and Cathy Lomax and Outside In artists Corinne and Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings, had a tough job making their decision as the standard of entries was so high and imaginative, but eventually selected the work of  Simon Le Boggit and Carys Reilly

Simon’s work ‘Even Giants Have To Bend’ is a 10 minute video depicting a windswept forest canopy viewed from below  The restless rustling of the leaves in the wind has been recorded in surround-sound and captures a strange moment where the enveloping and the enveloped seemingly become part of the same experience.  

Work from ‘Neoangiogenis’ – Carys Reilly

Carys Reilly’s work ‘Neoangiogenesis’ is in mixed media sculpture with miniature stitching, and explores the process of grief and healing after a severe gynaecological illness and surgery, and how this process reshaped the artist’s ideas about gender and her identity as a maker, as well as exploring scale in relation to illness and the human body . 

Further details to be announced – keep an eye on our website and social media. 

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