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Welcome to Outside In’s creative guides. Here you can discover everything from paper sculptures to printing from nature and making your own clay Dogu figure. Each of the guides have been created by an Outside In artist and many follow the series of Creative Drop In sessions which ran during 2020’s lockdowns.

The sessions were created after advice from our Artists Advisory Group and offered a chance for artists to get together, enjoy some creativity and discover more about each other’s work.

Each session was delivered by a Step Up: Leading Workshops trained artist and they have created step-by-step guides which you can find here to inspire you to keep creative. We will update this page with more workshops and upload recordings of the sessions too so stay tuned!

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How to – Make cards inspired by Henri Matisse by Eva Marschan-Hayes

This film includes information about the artist Henri Matisse and a guide to making cards inspired by his work

You will need: Blank card,
scraps of coloured paper,

How to – Print with Nature, by Angela Chudley.

Discover how to make images by printing with leaves, fruit or vegetables.

You will need: Paper,
water pot,
tray for mixing colours
and items to print with – for example apples, pears, leaves or vegetables cut in half

How to – Create Sculptures with Paper, by Stuart Milburn

The aim of this guide is to create a paper sculpture using basic materials.

You will need: Plain paper,
A piece of card for the base,

How to – Create Collages with Nature, by Eva Marschan-Hayes

This guide features collage with materials from nature and photography. It also has a mindfulness focus.

You will need: A4 paper – coloured to plain,
a phone or camera to photograph with,
a range of natural materials of your choice – for example different coloured spices, dried herbs and materials collected outdoors such as leaves, petals, twigs, feathers and flat stones

People Joining Hands – Jackie Bennett

This creative workshop run by artist Jackie Bennett is about making a connection by drawing or creating figures and hands joining together.

You can work with just paper and pencils or felt tips or with any materials you  might want to use to create your figures or hands – clay, plasticine, twigs and leave, wool, twine … The choice is yours!!

As a suggestion, if working with paper you will need:

Paper ( any size), pencils, pen, felt tips or crayons and scissors

Dogu Figures Clay Workshop – Maddie Millett

This creative workshop run by Outside In artist Maddie Millett includes an introduction to the history of dogu – the mysterious ceramic figures from ancient Japan. After explaining about these fascinating figures, Maddie shows you how to make a similar figure of your own.

You can just watch Maddie as she makes the figures or choose to join in at home.

If you are joining in, you will need the following materials:

Clay (normal or air-drying), non-stick surface eg cardboard or wooden board, small pot filled with water, sponge, small knife, stick or pencil  for mark-making, piece of string. 

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