Exhibition selection – the judges’ perspective

Behind the scenes for Hard Wired

Outside In’s judges for the Hard Wired touring exhibition share their experience

“The quality and variety of responses to the exhibition theme was really exciting to see. I really enjoyed experiencing so many different works of art and the final selection is reflective of the wonderful range of medium and subjects which the artists chose to cover.” Frances Christie, Outside In trustee and head of modern and post-war British art at Sotheby‚Äôs in London.

“This was a very enjoyable judging experience, the first one I’d done that was completely online. As always, the challenge is to look at work through the eyes set by the criteria rather than just my personal favourites. The variety in the pieces submitted was incredible and they all had their own merit. Ultimately, one of the main factors that governed my scores was the work’s relevance to the theme. Some artists made this very clear with their brief descriptions, but with some work, it was much harder to make that connection. On a personal level, it was an illuminating experience that will inform my own future submissions. I developed a new perspective on the ‘judging’ process a bit better and reflect on how the scores allocated are awarded according to the criteria set, and how important it is for artists to respond to these clearly. Artist and Outside In Artist Advisory Group member Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings

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