Bursary funds awarded to three Outside In artists

Outside In and The Arts Society South Downs have selected the three successful Outside In artists who will be awarded the first Andrew Edney artist bursaries. Designed to support artists’ practice and development, artists could apply for up to £500 a person.  

The selectors were Outside In’s Beth Hopkins and Hannah Whitlock with Tuema Pattie, an artist and member from South Down Arts Society.

Hannah said: “It was inspiring to see so many strong applications and to discover how the funds would help to support artists with their ambitious projects.

“Judging the entries was no easy task and we really appreciate all of the effort and thought put into the applications which showcased inspiring ideas and clear passion for the subjects.

“The selectors worked to score the applications against the bursary criteria, with key focus on the impact for the artists professional development and ensuring fairness of opportunity, before finally choosing three to award funds to. We are now very excited to see how the bursaries will see the plans become reality and look forward to following their journeys.”

The chosen artists are Katya Solyanko, Eva Marschan-Hayes and Eleana Button.

One of Katya’s self portraits

Katya Solyanko started making art in March 2018 as a part of rehabilitation programme for people with Brain Injury in day care centre. She describes her work as ‘educational realism illustrating a way I see the world’. In August 2018, Katya joined Outside In after looking for support and help developing her art skills

“It’s been very good so far. I have a support if required,” she said. “I still am learning what I can ask for and a working structure of the charity.  My standout moment has been my presentations at Share Art.”

So how does she plan to spend the bursary funds? “I will take part in Art workshops and apply to be exhibited,” Katya replies, saying she hopes it will improve ‘the quality of my painting and way to promote it’.

Eva Marschan-Hayes

Despite creating art from a young age, life saw Eva Marschan-Hayes take a break from her creativity until her daughter encouraged her to revisit it. The reaction to sharing the results at exhibitions and online was the encouragement needed to keep with it.

Now she describes her work as experimental, combining drawing, collage and digital photography.

Eva joined Outside In in January 2018 after checking out the charity’s aims and existing artists and feeling ‘a kind of belonging here’.

“Outside In has put a big smile on face.  Thank you so much!!   I feel supported in my goals and have been getting more confident that I can achieve my overall aim of becoming self-employed next year,” she reveals.  

With the bursary Eva intends to do an on-line digital photography course with the Open University and join two photographic organisations, Shutter Hub and The Royal Photographic Society.

Eleana Button

“I think that the photography course will substantially enhance my skills and abilities as a photo artist.  Although I have been taking photos for many years, and produced good work, my technical understanding of what I am doing is very limited,” she explains. “Joining two photography organisations will enable greater visibility of my work within photo artists’ circles, online and hopefully also through exhibitions. It could also help me to network.”

‘Amazing, orange, exciting and characterful’ is how Eleana Button sums up her artwork. She joined Outside In earlier this year fueled by a keenness to ‘be part of a network of artists, get going, develop my artwork and experiment’.

Eleana plans to spend the funds on mentoring, materials, exhibition and submission fees. “I hope to get inspired by the mentor and learn from them and through this develop my confidence as artist. Progress in disciplining myself and spending more time on my artwork through more confidence and less anxiety. I reckon by the end of the project I will,  would like and hope to end up with more motivation, enthusiasm , skills and self-belief and more artwork to show for myself,” she says.

Click here to find out more about artist support and the bursary

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