September’s Artist of the Month

Chuck Orbit is September's Artist of the Month. He was born in Romania, raised in Pakistan and came to live in the UK when he was 10 years old. He started drawing when he was 15 and later in life dabbled in the world of TV.


Chuck, through his art, developed the 'ant' as a motif and found that it could be used to represent people and be adapted to any theme. He finds inspiration from every where and every subject he discovers gives him a new project.


Over time people have asked him to produce drawings for them (unpaid) and he has developed quite a portfolio of his work. He has entered his work into competitions in prison to some success and see art as his way out of crime and into a new life.


Chuck says: "I am inspired by the world around me and always will be."


To see Chuck Orbit's work please visit:


Image: Chuck Orbit, Ants Clubbing

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