March’s Artist of the Month

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Dean Warburton is Outside In's Artist of the Month for March.


"i like making art out of junk. i like finding junk in charity shops, in skips sometimes, i just find it where i can. i have a funny sense of humour. i don’t take myself too seriously. you can see that in the artwork i make. i don’t just use scrap tho, i am very adaptable in what i use. just now i'm writing plenty, playing with words, i really want to find a way of stitching words together. i am dyslexic. i like people seeing the world as i see it – all mixed up. i am also making a lot of work out of clay at the moment: shapes that are all twisted together and biscuit fired and then glazed and fired again."


To take a look at more of Deans work please visit:

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