June’s Artist of the Month

Drawing electrical items in pen and felt tip, Artist of the Month James Cook's works come straight from his imagination. James creates his work at Barrington Farm's Art Barn, which is a fully equipped arts centre for adults with learning difficulties. Here, he answers a few questions about his work and his life as an artist. 


1) When did you first become interested in art?


When the holiday makers came to the Art Barn. I knew some of them and wanted to spend some time with them. I couldn't just sit there and do nothing.


2) What inspires your work?


Just scenery and the objects that are around me.


3) Do you have a favourite piece?


I like the black and white drawings the best.


4) Your work is mainly in black and white – do you also experiment with other mediums and colours?


No, I like pens the best. I did use some colour for the hearts and cards work, but that's because they are that colour. There's no point in doing something in a colour that it isn't.


5) How did you feel when your work was selected for the Outside In: Central Exhibition?




7) How long have you been at Barrington Farm?


6 years.


8) What do you enjoy most about making your artwork there?


I enjoy just getting on with it, but it's hard to get on with it when there are too many people around. I like the Art Barn best when it's quiet. Sometimes it's too busy. Some people are not bothered by others but I find it hard to work.


9) Are you working on anything at the moment? If so – what is it?


Not really, I'm outside too much at the moment to do any artwork, I'm much more keen on being outside. I don't go to the Barn so much anymore, only to visit.


Click here to see James' Outside In gallery


Image: James Cook, Playing Cards 1

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