January’s Artist of the Month


Outside In volunteer Beth Hemmings asked Neville Jermyn some questions about his art practice. Here are his reponses:


1. When did you first become interested in art and why was this?

I was nine or ten when I first became interested in art. I was interested because I liked doing art when I was at school.


2. How would you describe the way you produce your art?

I copy it from books. I use coloured pencils.


3. What is your work influenced by?

My work’s influenced by animals.


4. Can you tell us more about why you usually use pencils whilst creating?

Because it’s easier and it’s not messy like using paints.


5. You sometimes use paint within your works too. Do you find that easier or harder to use than pencils?

I find it harder than using pencils.


6. How does it feel to be chosen as Outside In’s Artist of the month?

It feels good.


7. What are you working on at the moment?

I’m doing a picture of an eyed-lizard at the moment. It’s called the oceli lizard because of its eyespots. It’s the largest European lizard.

I’ve also done some portraits of a few members of staff at Project Art Works.


8. What is next for you as an artist? 

I’m not entirely sure at the moment. Probably some more animals. I would probably like to show some more of my work in exhibitions.


To see more of Neville's work please click here 


Image: Hippopotamus

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