January’s Artist of the Month

January's Artist of the Month is the charismatic Professor Whitestick whose life tragically ended just before Christmas.

He described himself as a man with significant sight loss, he could often be seen in London with his white stick and a hat of some form!

On his statement on his Outside In Gallerywebsite he said: "Being visually impaired allows a certain freedom in expression through the medium of paint. If painting by freehand, I seldom make out what I have painted on account of my limited vision. If, however, I have planned a painting with shapes, masking tape and repetitions, it is possible to retain an idea of the finished product."

To view more of the late Professor's work please click here: www.outsidein.org.uk/prof-whitestick

Professor Whitestick also traveled the Country visiting exhibitions and blogged about them. It proves very interesting reading and he had a great way with words: http://profwhitestick.blogspot.co.uk/

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    Professor Whitestick, I think you are an extraordinary person. I’m sorry that I’ve ‘discovered’ you so late. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. I love reading your blog, your life should still be celebrated. Thank you and I hope you’re still enjoying art, wherever you are.

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