February’s Artist of the Month


Outside In volunteer Beth Hemmings interviewed February 2014's Artist of the Month Lauren Burrows. Read the interview below and to see more of Lauren's dolls please click here.


1. When did you first become interested in art and what sparked this interest?
I first started to aquire an interes in art when I was very young, from drawing at the table with my father, and making 3d models with my mother, I just progressed into different styles as I got older.

2. How would you describe your art practice? How has it developed over time?
My artist skills have developed greatly over the last few years, I gain more and more experiance everytime I make a new doll.  I couldn't really put into words my art practice!

3. What is your work influenced by?
My own imagination!

4. Do you have any favourite artists that you take inspiration from?
Salvador Dali and H. R. Giger.

5. Can you tell us more about your use of dolls? Why have you chosen them within your art work?
I was never into dolls when I was young! Then my past girlfriend had some china dolls in her room, which I decided to make look a little better (meaning more evil and gorey!)

6. Where do you source the dolls from, and the objects that are so often found attached to them?
I use recycled dolls, from carboots to old dolls from peoples lofts!! Even if they are drawn all over, I can use them to create something special! I find all the objects randomly! Bits of old dvd players, from random walks!

7. Is there a significance that some of your work is photographed by gravestones?
I like the look of churches and walking round graveyards, I find them peacefull and a beautiful place, I also like photographing them too.

8. Can you tell us more about why you do this and what it adds to the overall feel of the piece?
I do this as i find it very unique, I have my own style and I feel that is something to be proud of.

9. What does being selected as Outside In’s Artist of the Month mean to you?
I felt very happy, made me smile all day when I received the email, and got straight in my art shed and started working on my  next doll.

10. What are you working on at the moment?
I am currently working on 3 steampunk dolls and a doll lamp!

11. What is next for you as an artist?
To try and go further in expressing myself and maintaining my website that I sell my dolls on www.dekadentdolls.com


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