Artist of the month, May 2021 – Tony Fisher

Midlands-based photographer Tony Fisher is May’s Outside In artist of the month and his work, ‘At the Boundary’, is one of the pieces selected for the Unlocked showcase exhibition.

In this interview he shares his tips for taking great pictures and shares how his work has brought him both focus and a new partner during the covid lockdowns.

You can watch the full interview with Tony and Outside In’s Laura Miles here, as well as see the transcript and Q&A:

Why and when did you start taking photographs?

At school in 1971 in the sixth form , had access to a dark room only myself used to use it .. then went to Derby art college foundation , the biggest influence was Trent Polytechnic studying photography and film till 1977

Have you worked in other mediums – if so what and do they link to your photography work?

Yes, in film working in super 8mm and 16mm, experimental films and video I was part of the Arts Council film makers on tour scheme. I also made films for channel 4 in the early days as director , the visualisation came from my still photography .
Poetry : I often use my poems to accompany my images , though they
also stand alone

What does art mean to you?

Connecting with universal emotions
Making sense of the world
Being at one with nature

How would you describe your work?

I work in more than one style
Social history
Giving a voice to others
Embracing the beauty everywhere
Making connections

What do you think the key ingredients to good photography are?

Learning to “see “ its not about what equipment you use
Understanding people and their emotions
Being constantly aware of the world
Being aware of the light and shadows

What inspires you?

Human rights
Shape colour and form
Being happy myself and appreciative of what I have

Has covid and lockdown impacted your work – if so, how?

It has been a rich time of re evaluation and experimentation i started a project funded by Arts Council England on loneliness and isolation , ONLY THE LONELY ? pre covid ongoing till April 2022 . building on my previous ACE project it is also a personal exploration . During the lockdown I met my partner Fi Marks who is a creative painter who inspires me , we are creating joint new pieces of work painting/photography (seekers of stardust)

Do you have a standout moments as an artist so far?
Many , one in particular producing work as part of a travelling show around all major mainline railway stations NO BOUNDRIES . (Rail delivery group)
Representing England in Brussels (EUFAMI )with work in a group show and winning the national Pringle art award for art (Rethink) and poetry .
The main ones are though two years major funding ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND 2015/16 and current 2019/22

What are your future hopes and ambitions?

To add more exhibition to my only the lonely? project, ( will be working with the Art House in Wakefield ) and the CALM TOWN project in St Ives, Cambridgeshire this year now that lockdown is easing after that producing joint exhibitions including collaborations with Fi Marks .
I’m 66 age is no barrier to creativity .


Unlocked virtual exhibition, a celebration showcase of artworks created in lockdown, is planned to open in early May on Outside In’s virtual gallery, this can be seen here: Virtual gallery

ONLY THE LONELY ?   is a series of several exhibitions which was on display at Erewash Museum Ilkeston, but not seen at all due lockdown, and will open at Matlock in May then back to Ilkeston for January 2022

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  1. Janet

    Well deserved and tony is very talented individuel and see s beyond many structures of art photography and absracts of life.

    As a friend of many years from when met
    Tony haseven in past present now
    Caught many folks eye on his work

    And all who no tony are very proud of him
    Well done tony

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