Artist of the Month – Leroy Letts

Meet our artist of the month, Leroy Letts.  He is not only a painter but also a musician and started to make art after creating a picture for a friend. He talks here about the inspiration of nature, his role models and his hopes for the future.

‘Sparks of Rosa Parks’

Why and when did you start making art?  

I started to do painting on the 05/02/2018.Painting was my ambition, that was inside me longtime but I never have time to make it. When I was alone I try to make a painting and my friend appreciate it and she take it.

 Where do you work?

I work at my home, I’m not a painter only I’m a musician as well…

 How would you describe your work?

I’m passionate on my work and I really enjoy what I’m doing.

Do you follow a set process or does it vary?

I left where I am and I have to adapt. The emotion of each painting takes me to a different place. It’s somewhere which I can never live. I can only pass through there with my mind and keep the memories for as long as I can.

You are also a musician. Can you tell us about that too?

I’m singing for 20 years now, my music is mostly about people struggling in their life.

Do you have any creative role models?

My creative role model is a great personality and his name is Marcus Garvey. 

Calm Before the Storm

Are there particular themes that run through your work? If so, what are they?

I like to feature nature and the glory of the cloud drifting each day – an endless design. Each day brings a new creativity with it just like the instrument of my soul, which plays with every beat of my heart. 

What do you hope a viewer/ audience gets from your work?

I want my viewers to be always happy and smiling when they see my work.

What is your favourite work of art (by another artist)?

I have one painter from Jamaica who I inspires –   Allon Zion his work called ‘Peacock.’

 Is there an artwork you are most proud of/ favourite piece?

I love ‘Calm before the Storm’

‘Eyes of a Cloud’

What has been the standout moment for you as an artist so far?

The last time I went to an exhibition at King Cross in London. (Leroy’s painting ‘Eyes of a Cloud’ was featured in the Environments exhibition).

 What are your hopes for the future?

Being successful for all my work that I did so far and which I will do in future..

Finally some words that Leroy wrote to accompany his artwork ‘ Eyes of the Cloud’  : –

Eye blue Dark below Eyes of the cloud Just eyes of the memory What your mind shapes Thats what you see moving in the cloud The eyes of the cloud is watching everyone Everything that moves on the land Reflection of the sunshine Reflection of the beating of my heart Eyes wide open

‘Haile Selassie Visit’

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  1. Ivan Grieve

    These are wonderful, I really love the Rosa Parks and Haile Selassie ones, congratulations.

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  2. Leroy Letts

    Thanks a lot for you to admirer my work and for the achievements I got and you are the people who give lots of strength to do my work

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