Artist of the month, December 2019 – Andy Crosbie

Our artist of the month Andy Crosbie works in pastels, paints and photography, focusing on landscapes around the world, flowers and wildlife. He talks about how travel, postcards, holiday snaps and nature inspire his work and how art helps him cope with grief.  Two of Andy’s pictures have been selected for Project Ability’s Christmas show, which is running in their Glasgow gallery and studio until 21  December –

Winter Sunrise at Dunnottor Castle

When did you start making art? In 2016 following a bereavement.

Have you always been interested in the natural world? Yes, particularly sunsets.. 

How would you describe your pieces? A variety of landscapes, floral and animals.

Do you follow a set process or does it vary? It varies. I like to use my holiday pics for inspiration.

Sydney Harbour Sunset

Where was the most inspiring place you have been on holiday in terms of the way it has inspired your work?  I quite liked Prague, Amsterdam and Venice for painting.  Lots of nice shapes on the buildings to draw and using postcards – at different times of day, many colour combinations 

How do you feel making art can help with grief?  I done a few landscapes of some places I went together with the lady that had passed away and brought back memories of happier times.

What are your favourite colours?  I like sort of soft colours for sunsets.

Do you prefer painting or photography? I like a bit of both equally.

What has been the standout moment for you as an artist so far?  Getting my pictures exhibited through Project Ability.

Which pieces of yours have been selected for Project Ability’s Glasgow Christmas show and can you tell us a bit about them?  I have a drypoint print of Venice and a photograph of tulips on display. The drypoint is taken from an image on a calendar we picked up in Venice in 2017 and the photograph of the tulips I took in 2014 at Keukengof in the Netherlands.  

Where do you normally do your work?  Normally in my dining room

Do you think of an audience when creating your work? No

Is there an artwork you are most proud of?   I like all my artwork equally.

What are you working on at the moment?  Not working on anything current. Will start again in the new year 

What are your hopes for the future?  Keep up good work 

If you would like to be featured as our Artist of the Month, please get in touch with Matt Forbes-Dale at Outside In –

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  1. Forbes Watson

    I used to work with Andy Crosbie, I love his paintings and photography work especially the Winter Sunset, do you know if this piece of work is available for sale as I would love to purchase this one, reminds me of my visit to Arran.

    Thank you

    With my best wishes

    Forbes Watson

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