Artist of the Month

For the month of November, Artist of the Month is Nnena Kalu. Nnena is one of Action Space's studio artists. She works from their South London studio at Studio Voltaire. She wraps, binds and collages materials together creating raw and beautiful artworks.

Nnena is a prolific and versatile artist using a wide range of materials and techniques. She works in an obsessive and determined way to develop a range of work all with the underlying approach of a systematic layering. In her recent sculptural work Nnena indulges her layering techniques, incorporating any material into the process.

Over the last 3 years she has created a huge number of pieces of varying sizes. Combining paper, fabric and foam she creates cocoons by wrapping clusters of material with tape or wool, with each piece being carefully constructed then placed into boxes in the studio.

To see more of Nnena's work please visit:

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