Artist of the Month!

Elzbieta Harbord is an artist living in West Sussex, recently she completed a drawing project which used Pallant House Gallery as inspiration.

Elzbieta’s words;

” I visited Pallant House Gallery and viewed the galleries. I took sketches and images of work by John Piper and Graham Sutherland. I chose these artists as their work depicted visionary, imaginative, spiritual thoughts. My research took me to visit Chichester Cathedral where I viewed John Piper’s massive tapestry titled ‘The Trinity’ and while I was taking images, sketches and taking notes I prayed for inspiration.

I wanted to combine this with the work I researched at the Visitation Convent in France where my twin is a nun – I attempted to translate all this into a pictorial narrative, expressing a spiritual, religious, visionary, imaginative setting with text. My theme is Heaven and Hell. I felt the atmosphere and movement of the experience of this project projected in my drawings and studio work.”

To see more of Elzbieta’s work including the work produced for this project click here:

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