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Friedrich Nagler

Friedrich Nagler Wunderkammer, Pallant House Gllaery, 2016. Photo credit: Martin Nagler

Friedrich Nagler (1920 – 2009) was a Jewish émigré and self-taught artist born in Vienna, Austria. He escaped Nazi occupation in 1938 and after being interned in England was deported to Canada as an ‘enemy alien’, by the British government. After the war, he returned to England and settled in Petersfield in Hampshire. Consumed by a passion for making art, Nagler created thousands of works of art, some of which are inspired by his flight from Nazi-occupied Austria to England

As a self-taught artist Friedrich Nagler very much fits the criteria of the non-traditional maker, creating work for himself at the expense of his family and any other material gain. I am particularly drawn to the heads sculptured out of bread- it is always enjoyable when artists use an unexpected material to make their work. The breaking of tradition and the creative freedom that represents make them powerful evidence of an alternative approach to art and making

Marc Steene, Director of Outside In

Colliding Worlds

Artwork by Greg Bromely as part of Colliding Worlds, Pallant House Gallery, 2018

In 2018 Outside In and Pallant House Gallery co-commissioned two artists, Greg Bromley and Laila Kassab, to produce work inspired by the Scottish Outsider Artist, Scottie Wilson.

Scottie Wilson (1891 – 1972) started his artistic career late in life at the age of 44. His distinctive art work has been widely admired and collected, including by Jean Dubuffet and Pablo Picasso. His detailed and idiosyncratic work, created using pen,orks embody a sense of morality, wherein characters called ‘evils and greedies’ are juxtaposed with naturalistic forms, such as birds, fish and trees, to symbolise goodness and truth.

Greg Bromley is an artist and social worker from Yorkshire:

I see a great deal of similarities between my work and Scottie’s, particularly his use of eyes, animals, organic outlines and incredible detail in his compositions. I also feel a resonance with Scottie’s struggle with social interactions and his subsequent use of ‘greedies’.

Furthermore, I see some similarities with Scottie as a person. I too had a psychological eureka moment and realised art was my life obsession. Approximately 3 years ago, I had a bout of anxiety and depression as a consequence of 20 years of Social Work and some personality flaws. I picked up the pen and haven’t looked back.

Greg Bromley

Laila Kassab is a self-taught Palestinian artist living in Gaza:

Scottie and I share the urge to express our art in the face of a life of poverty, personal hardship and painful memories of war. Much of his imagery resembles my paintings to such an extent that I feel we are soul mates.

In my opinion, the birds in his work may symbolise the loss of freedom. On the other hand, the fish, which are unable to live outside water, may symbolise the many people who are forced to live in an environment, customs and traditions that kill their soul.

Laila Kassab


Artwork by Laila Kassab as part of Collding Worlds, Pallant House Gallery, 2018