This page will offer a series of guides covering everything from pricing your work to taking part in an exhibition. (coming soon!)

In the meantime if you would like advice please contact Cornelia Marland, exhibitions coordinator


T: 01273 381311

M:  07903028397

You might also be interested in some other opportunities we run:

Step Up
If you’re looking to gain new skills or develop existing ones in a safe and supportive environment, you might want to consider taking part in one of Outside In’s Step Up courses. We have a number of courses to suit people with a range of different interests; from learning how to develop and deliver your own creative workshop, to feeling more confident talking about your art work.
To find out more click here

Share Art
Share Art enables artists to present and share their art work to an audience of peers through a presentation of digital images of their work. Share Art is designed to be accessible to a range of artists. Artists can be supported by Outside In in selecting their work and preparing their presentations. Share Art provides an important means for artists to show their work and received feedback and validation.
To find out more click here

Artist Support Days

Outside In can offer you support to get your artwork online. If you feel you face a barrier to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation, Outside In can provide assistance to create an online gallery on our website. To find out more click here