Outside In: South East Past

Painting of a male face

13 July – 29 September 2013

Outside In: South East showcased 39 artists living in the south east of England who chose to align themselves with Outside In. The works were selected from the artists online galleries by; Marc Steene, Deputy Director of Pallant House Gallery and Susan Ward, Keeper of Exhibitions at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery. The exhibition at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery sat alongside an exhibition by Scottish Outsider Artist Scottie Wilson, which featured loans from Pallant House Gallery.

The exhibited artists were: Yvonne J Foster, Liam Hassan-Beserekumo, Aradne, David Johnson, Jodie Upton, Andy Hood, Alan Cross, Mary Mead, Jason Clen-Murphy, Chaz Waldren, Paul Hankin, Michelle Roberts, Rhiannon McDermott, Maurice, Albert Geere, Jon Davies, Rosalind Moseling, Paul Bellingham, Juliette Goddard, Lynne Firmager, Jonathan Rogers, June Hunt, Patrick Joyce, Giles F Morgan, Julian Le Bas, Martin Felt, Derek Coombes, James Thompson, Louise Adrian Sudnik, Adrian Mundy, Michael Oaks, Delia Perfect, John Barden, Carmen Jarvis, Zoe Matthews, Peter Baker and Paul Cook. 

Hastings Museum & Art Gallery took the 2009 touring show of Outside In, so it was great to partner with them again and to share our aspirations.

Address: Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, Johns Place, Bohemia Road, Hastings, TN34 1ET

Image: Liam Hassan-Beserekumo

Outside In: South East exhibition photos