Outside In: Scotland Past

30 August – 1 November / 3 October – 9 November 2013

In late 2013 there will be two Outside In exhibitions in Scotland …

The first exhibition will be at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery from 30 August – 1 November 2013 featuring many artists who submitted work from Scotland to Outside In. Those not selected will still have a piece appear on a screen within the space.

The selected artists are: Nicola Foley, Steve Murison, Bibo Weber, Mary Meldrum, Gillian Sutherland, Amir, Grant Dudgeon, Shireen Salavi, Lou Woollard, Caroline Smith, Christina Britton, Michael Rattray, Judith Molseed, Irene Gumbert, Kenny Carus, Shirley Smith, Anonymous, David Bradley, Kevin Stewart, William Sterling, Heather Ellison, Kirsty Martin, Mary Fitzpatrick, Kevin McGuggon, Lesley Nimmo, Janet Wright, John Manson, Alison Leeper, James Craig Page, Marisa Montgomery, Rosemary Lee, Carole Forbes, Norman Telfor, John Beaton, Thomas Waldron, Kenneth Wilkie, Alison Stell, Frank Cooke, Finlay Dykes, Lea Cummings, Derek Scrimgeour, Grant Ford, Tommy Mason, Ralph Douglas, Hannah Lennox, Rachel Davison, Joe Breen, David Gillies, Bobbie Robertson, Gary Steedman, Gwen Forster, Kelvin Chalmers, Helen Spence and Steven Reilly. 

Alongside this exhibition will be a small exhibition of works by Scottish Outsider Artist Angus Mcphee. We would like to thank Art Extraordinary and Joyce Laing with their help with the Angus Mcphee exhibition.

The second exhibition will be a smaller group show of three artists at Project Ability in Glasgow from 3 October – 9 November 2013. The three artists are:

  • Una Carter
  • Alan Lesslie
  • David Ford

Image: Heather Ellison, Blossom Tree

Outside In: Scotland exhibition photos

This short film shows Lea Cummings, one of the artists from Project Ability chosen to select the works for the second Outside In: Scotland exhibition featuring three artists works from Art Angel.