Manuel Bonifacio and Nigel Kingsbury Past

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At the Garden Court Chambers in collaboration with Not Shut Up

Outside In are pleased to announce a collaboration with Not Shut Up a national arts magazine supporting and celebrating the creativity of those held in secure hospitals, refugee centres, prisons, children’s homes and other custodial settings.

An exhibition of work by Outside In Award Winners Manuel Bonifacio and Nigel Kingsbury will be opening on 17 June 2015, 6 – 8.30pm at Garden Court Chambers, 57 – 60 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3LS (nearest tube station – Holborn).

The exhibition will continue until 31 August 2015 by appointment only. Please phone 020 7993 7600 for information about opening times.

Nigel Kingsbury has developed a successful artistic career since being crowned an Outside In Award Winner in 2012. Born in 1949, Nigel has been a key member of Action Space; a London based visual arts organisation supporting the development of artists with learning disabilities, for over 10 years. He creates fine, delicate portraits depicting women as mystical goddesses attired in glamorous ball gowns, decadent outfits and floating dresses. Each picture is unique, sometimes drawn from memory, sometimes of those in close proximity, but always of women he likes and is inspired by.

Manuel Bonifacio, another Outside In Award Winner in 2012, has also achieved unprecedented success in the outsider art world. Born in Portugal in 1947, Manuel currently spends his Wednesdays and Fridays at ArtVenture – a creative day centre for adults with learning difficulties in Guildford. Many of Manuel’s works reflect his childhood ambition of joining the army; depicting helicopters, aeroplanes, motorbikes and boats. It also helps him expose his unique view to the world. He is continuously creating one piece after another; a drawing, a ceramic, a painting, and his experimentation is equally as admirable as his obvious inquisitiveness.

A Freeflow Arts exhibition curated by Matthew Meadows