Friedrich Nagler: A personal mythology Past

Photo credit Oana Damir

Location: Hove Museum & Art Gallery
Dates: EXTENDED to 5 November 2019

A new display celebrating the work of Friedrich Nagler, a fascinating Jewish émigré and self-taught artist opened at Hove Museum on 13 June 2019.

Friedrich Nagler Wunderkammer on display at Pallant House Gallery. Photo credit Martin Nagler

The exhibition is part of Insiders/Outsiders, a year-long nationwide arts festival celebrating the enriching contribution of Jewish refugees to British culture, and is the result of a partnership with Outside In.

It will showcase hundreds of works by Nagler which have never been seen in public, highlighting his history as a non-traditional artist and exploring the various themes found in his work, including his experience of fleeing Nazi Vienna.

Marc Steene, director of charity Outside In, said: “As a self-taught artist Friedrich Nagler very much fits the criteria of the non-traditional maker, creating work for himself at the expense of his family and any other material gain. I am particularly drawn to the heads sculptured out of bread – it is always enjoyable when artists use an unexpected material to make their work. The breaking of tradition and the creative freedom that represents make them powerful evidence of an alternative approach to art and making.”