Creative Communities Past

10th September – 4th November 2011

A series of portraits created by the people involved in the Pallant House Gallery Community Programme. Acknowledging that people do not fit into boxes, the Gallery has aimed to provide a distinct programme that is inclusive to a diverse range of people’s needs. The Gallery has chosen to take an individualised approach in developing long-term relationships with people from its local community. Brighton based photographer, Lynn Weddle, was commissioned to produce a series of photographs to capture, celebrate and share some of the stories of the people who take part the Community Programme.

In Creative Communities Lynn Weddle worked with the participants to produce a series of portraits that explore their motivations, experiences and journeys that make each persons engagement with Pallant House Gallery a unique experience. The portraits are accompanied by photographs of assemblages that consist of images taken and selected by the participants and other memorabilia that illustrate aspects of their lives as well as their experiences of Pallant House Gallery. As well as being artworks in their own right, these assemblages provide an interesting framework for interpreting the portraits.