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Featured work – Chosen by Tina Lane

My choices as a guest curator for Outside In had two requirements: To give a platform to sculptural works and to choose works that spoke to me on a personal level, without the constructs of knowing who the artist was. Tina Lane

Featured images: Foreign Body – Aminder Virdee, Gold Doily – Joanne White, Growth – Lauren Sanders, Home – Sally Ward, House – Kaori Miyachi Sogabe, Life In Grey – Anita K, Matchbox – Lucy Harding, My Broken Heart – Rebecca Buckley, Neoangiogenesis – Carys Reilly, Typewriter – Beth Kapoto.

Featured work – Chosen by Stuart Crewes

The journeys that some artists have come are quite amazing and the way they have developed their work through these experiences are quite uplifting and inspiring. I found myself quite immersed in some pieces and totally captivated by the worlds conjoured therein.