Become an Outside In artist

Why should you become an Outside In artist?
Joining Outside In is free and you can be a part of a national charity celebrating the talent of artists outside of the mainstream. Outside In aims to create of a fairer art world which challenges traditional values and institutional judgements about whose work can and should be displayed.

How can Outside In help you?
Artist development: Outside In’s team provide tailored support and advice regarding your artwork and artistic practice. There will be opportunities to take part in artist events such as Share Art and help to shape the charity through ambassador roles and involvement with our artist advisory group.
Exhibitions: As an Outside In artist you will have opportunities to submit artwork to exhibitions, take part in commissions, residencies and even sell work at art fairs and through the online shop.
Training: Via the Step Up programme, Outside In offers courses designed to help you develop skills and confidence, leading to the possibility of paid employment as workshop facilitators, researchers and curators. 
Publicity: Outside In is all about showcasing talent and providing a platform for this to be seen. There are many ways you can share your story and art, from writing for the Outside In blog and being featured as Artist of the Month or a ‘Wednesday Wonder’, to interviews and articles in the press.

What benefits are there to having an online gallery?
An online gallery allows you to have a digital presence, you will get a weblink which you can share and receive comments on your artwork. Your online gallery is just that, a space for you to curate and showcase your creative journey.

How can Outside In help you with creating your online gallery?
Outside In can help in a variety of ways, from attending an Artist Support Day for one-to-one assistance to information events or even just a phonecall.
Contact Hannah Whitlock, Outside In’s artist development coordinator, on 01273 381311 or to discuss the different options.