AR+ Exchange

Working in partnership with Fabrica, Ar+ Exchange is hosted by Liz Whitehead, director of Fabrica and Hannah Whitlock, artist development coordinator for Outside In. 

Based on Outside In’s Share Art event, it will see a total of 8 artists talk the audience through PowerPoint presentations showcasing up to ten images of work and sharing their inspiration, motivation and key points on their creative journey.
Half of the places will go to Outside In members, while the other four will be filled by external artists and there will not be an audience outside of this group.

A refreshment break mid-way through the evening and at the end will provide an opportunity to chat more informally with other participants.

After the success of the pilot session, Art+ Exchange will take place every six months.

Places are available on a first come first served basis, if you would like to take part, or need any support in creating your presentation, please contact Hannah Whitlock for Outside In at or by calling 01273 381311.

Fabrica is wheelchair accessible, please let us know if you require any access support.

Whenever you meet other artists your knowledge of the arts sector increases. To see, hear and meet others is to always expand your knowledge no matter who they are. When it is other artists there experiences, practice, personality, approaches and attitude makes a connection automatically because the landscape they inhabit is one you visit more easily for there is normally traces of your own. However Its not ever the same as yours but that is where the expansion comes in.  New views to see to, drink in, in whatever manner that encounter unfolds for you and that will vary from encounter to encounter. Also meeting and glimpsing arts organisations, their space of operation and the people who work there allows you entrance. Access that at times for many of us who could be termed the problematic term of ‘outsider artists’ seems a minefield to enter into and operate in. To know they are open, approachable and interested in your work gives a sense/ hope of possibility, reminds you that the ‘art sector’ of the known and acknowledged is a place you can tread is also knowledge.

Emma Louvelle, Outside In artist